Aquatic Weed Control

Remove aquatic weeds like Hydrilla and other types of excessive vegetation from your lake our pond.

Aquatic Weed Control - Clearwater, LLC

Aquatic weeds can become difficult to control when left alone. Excessive weed growth in your lake or pond is an eyesore and can ruin recreational activities like swimming and fishing. At Clear Water, we provide aquatic weed control and lake weed control services to keep your water resource cleaner and healthier.

Whether you are dealing with floating weeds like duckweed, algae or submerged plants like Hydrilla, we'll bring our state of the art aquatic weed removal equipment to your location and rid your lake or pond of any unwanted vegetation.


  • Hydrilla Removal
  • Eurasian Watermilfoil Removal
  • Duckweed Removal
  • Cattails Removal
  • Water Chestnut Removal
  • Water Hyacinth Removal
  • Phragmites Australis Removal
  • Sargassum Removal
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